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Cultural Heritage


Halderberge is rich in religious heritage. Churches, chapels, sculptures and more, will take you back to the time of the Rich Roman Life. The basilica from the H.H. Agatha and Barbara in Oudenbosch is an absolute highlight, but also the religious structures in some of the villages are definitly worth visting.


The rich past of Halderberge is still clearly present in the municipality. As a visitor you can watch a big amount of monuments, of which some are on the national monument list. Highlights in Hoeven are the national monuments Ranch Goudsbloemsedijk, De Keienpomp and the old seminar Bovendonk designed by architect Cuypers, now used as a hotel, restaurant and conference centre.

Culture & Heritage

Halderberge is municipality with a beautiful history, in which the rich Roman life played a big part, with the basilica of H.H. Agatha and Barbara as highlight, seen from miles away. The religious heritage from the municipality and the big amounts of monuments will impress anyone who love culture

Natural History and Ethnological Museum

Discover the culture from distant Nations in the Natural History and Ethnological museum Oudenbosch. See everything that can by found in the ground and what lives above it. This Museum has an extensive collection of music instruments and sculptures from places like Asia en Africa. Besides that there's a lot to see about the origins of rock formations, the Dutch soil and multiple special minerals. There's also a exhibition about birds, nature and human life.


Just outside of the centre of Oud Gastel stands a aristocratic mansion. This is the former house of the mayor family Mastboom. As a museum the Mastboomhuis reserves one of the best kept interiors of the Netherlands. The house and interiors are restored careful. This will give you a sense of how it was to visit the family Mastboom around 1864.

Basiliek from the H.H. Agatha and Barbara

This church is a reflection of the great Saint Pieter in Rome. The beautiful architecture and decorations make this a tourist attraction. In the basilica there's also a museum with relics as well as a temporary exhibition. Read more about the basilica from the H.H. Agatha and Barbara

Dutch Zouavesmuseum

This museum tells the history of the volunteer army that was established to defend the papal territory. In the museum you'll find the original uniforms, unique photos- and jounals, paintings and banners. Read more about the Dutch Zouavesmuseum


Parelpad is a beautiful route to walk along the religious heritage in Oudenbosch. This new route you can walk by following the silver caps on the pavement. The path starts in front of the basilica.


basiliek Oudenbosch
mastboomhuis Oud Gastel
conferentiecentrum Bovendonk in Hoeven
kapel St. Louis interieur