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Must See

The TOP 10 highlights you have to see in Halderberge!

Huisje in Botanische Klooster-tuin, Arboretum Oudenbosch

Opposite the basilica you will find the entrance of the Botanical Garden Arboretum Oudenbosch, a former monasterial garden.

De Koepelkerk van Oudenbosch

The building of the Basilica started in 1865 and was finished in 1880. In 1912 the church was made a basilica. The end of the restauration (1954-1987) meant the real completion of the impressive basilica. The architects of this masterpiece are P.J.H. Cuypers and G.J. van Swaay. The pastor during the construction was W. Hellemons

Vliegveld Seppe / Breda Airport Aviation

Breda International Airport is well-known under the name: Airport Seppe or Seppe Airport.

Flying Museum Seppe

This museum is, like the name implies, a flying museum; almost the whole collection is airworthy and is also very regularly in the air to behold.

buitenaanzicht Kapel Saint Louis te Oudenbosch

Kapel van de Broeders van Saint Louis
In the centre of Oudenbosch the Big Chapel of the former boys school "Institute Saint Louis" can be found. This institute was led by the Congregation of Brothers of Aloysius Gonzaga; better-known as Brothers of Saint Louis. The Chapel was completed in 1865 and was designed by Brother Th. Florschutz,

grootste waterspeelpark van Nederland:  Splesj, Bosbad Hoeven

Splesj is one of the biggest water playgrounds in the Netherlands and Belgium.