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Nature & Landscape

Let's go out into the nature!

Halderberge is a green municipality with several walk-, bike-, skeeler,- and horse riding trails. You can enjoy the forested area and the several beautiful sights that you come along on these trails.

Nature Reserves

Nature reserve ‘Gastels Laag’

This area has a nice collection of rare plants, several bird species and lies on the border of Brabant, the Brabant higher sandy soils and low-lying clay soils. So put on your boots and go look for the wonderful plants, birds and butterflies.

Nature Reserve Pagnevaart

Beautiful hilly landscapes with a deciduous and coniferous forrest, attractively lanes and beautiful plants and a big fen. Nature reserve Pagnevaart remainder from the old peat trade. Read more about nature reserve Pagnevaart in Hoeven

Hoevense Beemden

To the North of Hoeven lies an oasis of peace: the Hoevense Beemden. It's an area with a rich history about the fight against water. Tracks of peat extraction, reclamation and agriculure are still clearly visible. There is an unpaved bike trail through the area.

Arboretum Oudenbosch

This botanical garden has trees, flowers and plants from Asia, America and all of Europe. The former monastery is ideal for a quiet walk, guided tour or to read a book in silence.

The Arboretum Oudenbosch is establishedgevestigd in the centre of Oudenbosch next to the former brother monastery just a walk away from the basilica. Read more about the Arboretum

Regional Products

In the outlying area of Halderberge are several companies that sell products “from the land”. Things like delicious fresh vegetables and fruit, but also pumpkins for example. You can find a list of companies with regional products over here on the website.


Beemdenroute (35 km)

You ride through a vast polder landscape with water features, marsh plants and a rich amount of waterfowl. The trail takes you through Hoeven, Rucphen, Oudenbosch and Bosschenhoofd.

Prinslandroute (31 km)

A trail through the “Oude Prinslandse” polder, it goes through Oud Gastel, Stampersgat and Dinteloord. Alternately you will ride on dikes and through the polder landscape, between waving reed and poplars.

Boonhilroute (30 km)

The Boonhilroute takes you through the vast the agricultural area of the Kruislandse Polder. It's wonderful to ride a bike through this landscape with with different kinds of crops like onions and potatoes.


De Beemden (25 km)

You can walk from Oudenbosch to the direction of Zevenbergen. It's possible to take the train from there, back to Oudenbosch.

Laarzenpadwandeling (1,2 km)

Nature reserve ‘Gastels Laag’ consists out of grasslands and of an old alder forest. The trail is indicated with yellow posts

Ommetjes (Short walks)

On the borders of the cores from Bosschenhoofd, Hoeven and Oud Gastel are so called ‘ommetjes’.These short walks on the edge of the residential area are marked with special posts, but you can also download folders of these trails down below.


Oude boom in het Arboretum
Prachtige vlinder op bloem
gele zonnebloem
Dorpsbos in Oud Gastel
Op pad in het landschap van halderberge